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today california leaders say the solution can be found in what happened on election day. >> on this veterans day, congresswoman nancy pelosi saluted the service of our veterans but spoke extensively about the fiscal cliff. >> we have a deficit we have to deal with. we he to do it with growth, contraction of jobs and cuts and revenue. >> when she returns to washington, she'll be facing a house of representatives still led by republicans who continue to dig their heals in against raising taxes on the wealthy. >> the american people have spoken. the president made tax fairness a center pee -- center northeastpiece of his campaign. >> a sentiment he can bowed by the governor. >> our correct as nation that can govern itself is on the chopping block, and, yes, cuts going forward of certain
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commitments, that has to be addressed and so also revenue, and revenue means taxes. >> brown championed proposition 30. it passed last week and will raise $6 million a year by slightly hiking sales taxes and raising income taxes on high-wage earners. >> i can tell you in california, you can always cut schools and universities so much, and people say, enough already. and that's exactly what they said on election night. >> what has changed since election day is that politicians are now saying they do want to work together to fix the fiscal cliff. what has not changed are the positions republicans and democrats are taking. runnans -- republicans insist raising taxes is not an option. >> san francisco police are a search are to man who tried to ram an officer. he was suspected of breaking into a vehicle. he rap into a construction site. a police dog joined the search
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for the man inside the unfinished building at third street. officers surrounded the building for a short time as well. today is veterans day, and san francisco honored those who served our country with a parade. this is the 93rd veterans day parade in san francisco. marching bands, veterans groups and color guards marched down market street to the pacific center. themen men andwoman served in iraq and afghanistan are being called the newest greatest generation. a ceremony at golden gate national cemetery honored those who lost their lives serving their country as well as those who continue to serve team. vent included music and a wreath presentation honoring blue star families. >> veterans day was day of service in san francisco. at ft. scott veterans and the general public worked side-by-side an community
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service projectsment volunteerss and veterans grabbed paint brushes to crete a scene of pastel and oils. it was sponsored by the national institute for research and education. >> president obama began the national remembrance with the traditional laying of the wreath at arlington memorial ceremony. >> present arms! >> in his remarks at the tomb of the unknowns, the president said, coast, commit to sever you as well as you served us. >> new york city was the site of another parade. thousands of people lined the street office manhattan, waving flags and giving others a boost so they can see the marching soldiered. the parade was promoted as a rally for storm victims and winter coats were collected. the adjustment back to civilian life can prove to be difficult but there is help for
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the nation's veterans. we're live with a look at what two groups are doing to make a difference. >> here at adobe systems some veterans took part in a program that helps them upgrade their military technical skills in order to get a job in the bay area high-tech industry. and across town, chronically homeless and disabled vets may soon get a permanent roof over their heads. >> former marine served a tour in iraq and one in afghanistan. he is take can part in the vehicle to tech hack-a-thon. he was trained as a network engineer but the training he learned is uses in a high to go industry. >> i've one told it's outdated, military background, the software and everything i worked with. >> the program is the brain childhood of catherine webster. she saw the need to provide transitional help to vets who had technical training in the service but find it hard to find
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a job in the private sector. >> they can do the jobs with just a little training. >> she paired mentors with returning vets, looking for one of the estimated high-tech jobs available in the pay -- bay area. >> here to get the skills they're looking for. >> others are looking for a place to live. they're about to open a new commons. 75 chronically homeless and disabled vets will soon be able to call this home. >> for as long as they wouldn't to for the rest of their life. >> leon is the chief operating officer of source to plow shares. he says it has taken six years to make this a reality. there are more than 60,000 homeless vets in the u.s. ronald jones served six years in the army and has been homeless for 1 years. soon he'll move into the commons. >> this is the best veterans day
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gift i could get. >> those who live in the commons will get medical care, counseling, camaraderie, and a permanent police to -- place to call home. >> this is the first veterans homeless housing to be built in san francisco since 2000. they'll hold an open house tomorrow. >> ama: still to come, back to the bargaining table at ray raleys as more workers hit at the picket line. and a look back at the fire season. >> there's big money in the book market but maybe not the way you thought. we'll show you one man who struck it rich on one book. >> leigh: this morning, temperatures chaos some parts of the
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>> ama: contract talks resumed at the labor dispute involving raley employees. they have said cop sessions are necessary to keep the chain competitive with nonunion grocery stores. the company operates 130 raley's superstores in california and nevada. better stock up on your twinkies, hostess bakers are on
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strike. picket lines are set up at a third of hostess plants nationwide, including the bakery in oakland. hostess says products are still being made and shipped for now. monday morning marks the end of the 2012 peak wildfire season. the california department of forestry and fire protection made the call. the it covers bay area counties calfire says so far this year california has been hit by 132 wildfires. just ahead, looking to get rich. go to the dump. the amazing find one man discovered between the pages of a book. >> another warmup on the way. one part of the bay could see showers. leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: i'm mike shumann. what a finish in the 49ers game against the rams. alex smith knocked out with a con tugs, and david akers does
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something he doesn'
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corrosion >> ama: one man's hobby has paid off. while rummaging through magazines he found thousands of dollars but he is not claiming the cash yet. >> they say one man's trash is another man's trucks and if used
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magazines and books are your thing, one man has plenty of temperatures. he is a immigrant, a modest hap diman who collects magazines to make art. >> help me with my english. learn to read. >> this collection came from the wellesley dump. he goes about twice a week and just last month he stumbled upon an old book stuffed to the brim with tens of thousands of dollars. >> when i open this and saw the money and i close the book and run to the car. >> he asked us not to say how much exactly but it's somewhere between 20 and 30,000. money that is no longer at his house. >> i look if i can see maybe in the book someone put their names in the front page. you know. >> but so far it's been one dead end after another. >> i was quite surprised. >> he doesn't want us to show his face or use his name. he wants the rightful owner to
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come forward. >> this book has a lot of history. from my point of view, somebody separate the money to buy a house, put a down payment on a house. what if that happen to me? i'm going to go crazy. >> he decided to wait six months for the rightful owner to claim the crash. he has already received dozens of e-mails, most encouraging him to keep the money. but he wants to do the right thing. >> can't go to sleep without thinking about them now. but if nobody claim, i say, my part, then i can go back to sleep every single day with no problem. >> ama: can't just say it's your money in order to claim the cash, the owner has to be able to identify the book, the exact amount of money stashed inside, and name other items that were placed inside as well. from heavenly bodies will by streaking across the bay area sky for the next few days. and thanks to the youtube video we can tell you what they looked like. the earth is passing through debris from a comet which is the source of the annual torrid
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meteor shower. they tend to be fireballs. the shower is expected to peak tomorrow night. so hopefully it won't be cloudy. >> leigh: a few high clouds move in this evening. in fact we saw some moving in this afternoon. i think we might be able to see a little bit of inky tonight and possibly tomorrow night. beautiful shot of downtown san francisco, clear skies. a terrific day today. temperatures warmed up slightly. live doppler 7hd showing you that we have clear skys there as well, a few high and mid-level clouds coming together near the coast, and it's going to be clouds that move in overnight tonight that will help to keep us a little warmer tonight so temperatures not as cold. >> speaking of last night. here's a look at some cold overnight temperatures. santa rosa at the airport, reported a low of 30 degrees.
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napa, 32. novato, 29. definitely frost there concord, 35. antioch, san jose, this morning, 38. as the clouds move in, it will insulate us tonight, so temperatures for tomorrow morning, not as cold. going to be chilly. 35 for santa rosa. 41, san rafael. the clouds near san francisco, 48 degrees overnight. interior east bay. 41 for concord. san jose, 38 last night. tomorrow morning, 45. right now we are at 46 degrees in napa. 53 in san francisco. 50 los gatos, 50 in livermore and antioch. the forecast, not as cold torch because of the cloudings moving in. a warmer day monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and then showers for the entire bay area will return to our forecast heading into thursday, friday, and looks
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like a pretty wet system will move in for a week ahead. just sunday and monday. high pressure builds in tomorrow, so warmer day. we will keep clouds overhead as this cold front is very close to the north bay. some hazy sunshine for your monday. let me show you the forecast. this is monday. 7:00 a.m. much of the rain band -- this is the front kind of falling apart. stays north to the golden gate bridge. on tuesday this sags to the south. possibly could see a few light showers. tuesday morning, throughout about the mid-day time frame, and then by wednesday, everything lifts to the north. high pressure rebounds. wednesday will be the best day of the work week, when temperatures climb back up into the mid-to-upper 60s.
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highs for monday. warmer. accept rose sacks 63. san francisco, 60. and even gilroy, over towards the coast, santa cruz, mid-60s for your monday. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. a few showers expected tuesday. north bay. wednesday, terrific, mild, in the 60s. clouds thursday night. showers and showers for friday. rain could be heavy at times, sunday. >> ama: thank you so much. mike shumann is here, and we were literally so close to 49ers, but a tie is better than a loss? >> mike: i guess. so never been involved in one myself. 49ers hosting the rams. 49ers lose alex smith due to a couldn't cuss and didn't deserve to win the game the way they played. the fans saying thank you the veterans or veterans day. first quarter, 14-0 rams already. alex smith goes head first on a
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slide and this is what happened. he gets leveled by dunbar. suffered a concussion, but bounced right back up. kept playing, a 78-yard drive capped off with a touchdown. niners trail 14-7. smith then leaves the game, colin capper neck takes over. fourth quarter. seven yard touchdown run, niners down 17-14. after a rams fumble on the kickoff, frank gore with 20 of his 97 yards on the day two touchdowns in the span of six seconds. the rams drive down and with fake punt for a first down, take the lead, sam bradford finds pettis. akers tied it in regulation with a 33-year-old field goal. in overtime, kaepernick sets up akers for a field goal to win it. are you kidding me? he missed it. harbaugh can't believe it. rams with chance to win. the rookie, a cannon of a leg. he makes from 53 yards out.
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but a delay of game pushed them back five yards. the next chance from 58, missed it. game tied. ends in a 244 tie. first nfl tie since 2008. first 49er tie since 1986. >> the effort was there. a good football game. made plays, they made plays. and it equaled out in the end. >> i thought i did pretty well. a lot of room for imexprovment a lot of thinks to do differently. just went out there and tried to do what i could to help the team. >> mike: raiders struggles continue in baltimore with an nfl offense and a defense that just can't stop anybody. ravens fans have their own black hole. on fourth and one, car son palmer trips on the snap. this is professional football, right? joe flacco didn't have any trouble. 17- baltimore. the raiders close the back.
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palmer to heyward-bey. goes 55 yards. raiders score in the final two minute thoaftz first half in every game this season. palmer threw for 36 1k3-8 two tds. flacco was better. 341 yards and three touchdowns. great throw to smith. 34-10 baltimore. 5:00 left in the third. the ravens run a fake field goal. the sam coax, the holder, keeps it himself. even harbaugh felt a little guilty. ravens, longer streak in the nfl. raiders lose 55-20, fall to 3-6. >> a great story unfolding on the final pga tour event of the season. rookie charlie beljan had panic attack, fighting off accelerated heartbeat and high blood pressure to hold on for his first pga victory. watch this approach. within a foot of the cup. charlie would birdie to take a
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two-stroke lead at 15-under. then he follows that up on the par-4 ninth. another birdie. he had eight on the day. ranked 138th. needs a win do well. one slip, a bogey on 18. 3-under 69, 16-under for the tournament. winning his first pga tour event by two strokes. that's a newborn child. >> nascar in phoenix, two races left in the chase for the cup. jimmie johnson, tire failure, hits the round. jeff gordon and clint bowyer, going at it all day. escalated with two laps to go. gordon intentionally wrecked bowyer. joey logano gets caught. bowyer's crew went after gordon. check it out. the two sides balled in the pits. kevin harvick won the race. keselowski one race away from the championship. this is all that will be remembered from today. went to a nascar event and it turned into world wrestling.
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>> a crazy day in the nfl. tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and forget charles and diana,
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>> ama: join my tonight on cable 13. we'll find out which bay area city is the most zen in the nation. then at 11:00, forget condoms and the pill. the bay area entrepreneurs new technology that can give men a new method of birth control. all coming up. >> as we celebrate the 50th 50th anniversary of james bond, the new film is a blockbuster, earning a record $87 million. that lifts the worldwide total to $518 million since it began rolling out overseas in late october and has already passed the international take for the last two films. disney's movie drops to number two, flight debuted at number three, argo, number four, and taken 2 rounds out the top five films. a bit movie history set some big bucks. judy gar land's blue beginningham dress she wore in
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the wizard of oz sold for two million dollars. and bidders snatched up pieces of prince william and katherine's wedding cake. thank you for joining us.
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>> right now, saying good-bye to edward and bell

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